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As mobility becomes the standard for modern business, companies must adapt to the unique demands of a mobile work force. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has many productivity benefits, but it also creates major headaches for IT professionals and business owners including updating applications and ensuring data security.

Managed through Horizon DaaS by VMware, our DaaS solution simplifies the deployment and management of a secure, virtual desktop environment. shifting the focus to maintaining a single environment instead of multiple individual workstations. Employees and associates can access company data and applications through the virtual desktop, remotely and securely. This evolution in addressing the distribution of computing resources is leading organizations to quickly adopt cloud-based DaaS solutions, which means a big market opportunity for providers.

Other Virtual Desktop benefits include:

  • Allows faster onboarding of new users
  • Makes support of existing desktops, including application updates and fixes, more efficient
  • Creates flexibility in switching between mobile devices and desktops
  • Extends the life of existing desktop hardware
  • Meets security and compliance needs
  • Dedicated desktop resource with greater availability than session-based remote desktops
  • Enables secure remote access
  • Provides consistent desktop experience
  • Accessible from any supported device, including Windows-based, iOS, Androids, and iMacs

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