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The first critical step in protecting your business is the understanding of the single basic concept that security is a service not a piece of hardware or software.

Deploying a firewall, for example, that is not managed to address the many and ever changing threats to your business leads to a dangerous false sense of security.

In contrast, consider the Sea Change approach to Unified Threat Management. We take a comprehensive look at all potential threats from external and internal sources that negatively impact your network systems and productivity. Then we address those threats in as centralized, robust and dynamic a manner as possible.

Hackers and viruses that cause system-wide downtime often get considerable media attention and are certainly a risk to your business. We cannot however ignore more subtle productivity killers like spam and inappropriate use of the Internet.

It is estimated that the average employee wastes 20 to 25 minutes per day on spam and using the Internet for non-work-related purposes. Based on an annual salary of $50,000, this results in a $2,000 to $2,500 per year, per employee loss in productivity.

Comprehensive security solutions include:

Sea Change Systems will review these threats and others to your specific business as part of our Free Analysis.