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Sea Change Systems was founded in 1993 when technology was proving itself to become the most influential factor to small business in our lifetime. The opportunities for the workplace were endless, but so were the challenges.

Technology was embraced by many business owners; and feared by many others. The potential was obvious, but it was also obvious that the business world would now require new levels of technical expertise to properly integrate the potential of these emerging technologies into every day functions and more importantly, growth opportunities.

Sea Change had a vision. It was unrealistic for most small businesses to hire the required talent; and it was unlikely that existing staff could be trained to learn and keep up with what was proving itself to be constant changes in what technology brought to the table. Small business owners needed outside help and Sea Change would fill that void.

We assembled a talented team of certified Information Technology professionals with backgrounds in a number of diverse markets, and the Sea Change approach to IT was given purpose. Since then, so many things have changed and yet so many things have remained the same.

PCs virtually exploded. Software became more sophisticated than most could ever imagine. Networking, wireless applications, security, servers, file storage, etc. became issues to be addressed. And now, new and varied devices are offering a glimpse of the next generation.

Today, just like in 1993, many small businesses have the fears of managing their office technology in a way that increases short-term productivity and long-term success. Some have trained their staff; some have hired in-house IT personnel, and some need outside help. Virtually for all, there is a place for the team at Sea Change Systems.