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Professionalism, customer service and the core understanding that information technology is a tool for our clients to achieve the goals of their organization is the cornerstone of our approach.

"I changed from my former provider to Sea Change Systems with no interruption of service."

John Leary
A&M Roofing Services
Andover, MA

"Sea Change Systems talks tech, but they also speak plain English. I need that"

Christine Silva
Office Manager
Aegean Capital
Peabody, MA

"We appreciate the service that Sea Change Systems has been providing to our firm for the past ten years. Your technical people have been top-notch. The new systems that you have added to our network have worked as described, and the services have been well-matched to our business needs."

Jeffrey D. Hutchins
Boston, MA

"As a financial institution, our computer system is an integral part of our lifeblood. Without it, our operations would be more than crippled, they would be effectively halted. Not only do we feel safe knowing that Sea Change is responsible for the IT at our credit union, but that feeling goes even further knowing they’re always available at a moment’s notice in case of emergency.

Additionally, in this age of automated help and recorded instructions, it’s refreshing to interact with a client on a personal basis; and Sea Change representatives have become a part of our team, rather than merely business associates."

Roy Campana
Industrial Credit Union
Boston, MA

"Regrettably, in the seven years NEI has been in business, I have come to expect, and become accustomed to poor customer service, lack of responsiveness and a general attitude from vendors that they don't care whether they have my business or not.

For this reason, I wanted to send a short note and let you know that I have been very pleased with your staff. They have all been very polite, professional, and responsive. I imagine it must be difficult to go into someone's office and move from employee workstation to employee workstation without being too pushy or too inefficient. Three members of your staff have each been in the office for a day or more at this point, and they have made themselves "comfortable" enough to be efficient, without being too arrogant and acting like they own the place.

I don't get to send positive comments too often, so thanks for the opportunity."

Gary P. Nangle
Nangle Engineering
Danvers, MA

"We are very pleased how Sea Change Systems has interfaced with our staff."

Michael Attenborough
Director of Information Systems
Pyramid Advisors
Boston, MA